Wellspring provided support to Agris – a diversified agricultural investment company – to refine the design and concepts of Agris’ forestry and agroforestry projects in Tanzania, South Sudan, DRC, Mozambique, and Malawi.


We prioritised technical assistance (TA) funder engagements based on best fit for TA needs, stage and capacity of the underlying business. We also completed: 1) Equatoria Teak Company capacity building proposals for their coffee alternative livelihood & diversification strategy to Nespresso and USAID Africa Trade and Investment programme;  2) Agris Equatoria Forestry NewCo pitch to FMO Mobilising Finance for Forests; 3) Business model benchmarking analysis for Wakulima Tea Company, and; 4) Proparco Fisea+ TA Facility funding application and facilitation of discussions.

Following our support the project secured €490k Proparco Fisea+ funding for Agris TA Facility intended to support Agris portfolio of agribusinesses in forestry, tea and horticulture to increase their business resilience and deepen the environmental and socio-economic impact of their activities (e.g. through jobs created, gender inclusion, increasing incomes and resilience of outgrower suppliers, and being climate-responsive).

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