Strategic review and recommendations on institutional structures for tree improvement and research in Tanzania forestry


As part of a programme for the Forestry Development Trust in Tanzania, Wellspring analysed the feasibility of sustainable business models for public–private partnerships working on tree improvement through R&D on tree genetics and pests/disease

Aims of the project

Momentum and interest in R&D have continued to build as a result of this tree improvement work, with 20 organisations now participating in the Tree Improvement Research Working Group (TIRWG), a public–private coordination body now led by government. TIRWG wanted to ensure the gains made are sustained through sustainable business models. Wellspring was commissioned to determine the scope, design and feasibility of such models and develop an implementation plan.

What we did

Our main objective was to provide a tangible design and plan for housing future collaborative tree improvement initiatives in Tanzania that were initiated by the TIRWG. Phase 1 aimed to determine the commercial and operational feasibility of delivering ongoing collaborative tree improvement initiatives in Tanzania – and plan how to move this into phase 2. Phase 2 focused on building the detail to support the implementation.

Funders and clients

Gatsby Africa

Forestry Development Trust

Team members


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