Wellspring was contracted by Gatsby Africa to assess the economic opportunities and challenges in the Kenyan livestock sector, as well as identifying priority areas for investment which could unlock growth.


We first utilised market data to model the gap between domestic production and demand across beef, goat, and lamb, as well as analysing gross margins across different domestic (e.g. high end and mass consumption) and export markets. Our team then held over 20 consultations with players across the livestock value chain, including ranches, slaughterhouses, feed producers, exporters, and retailers to identify financing gaps.

Our final report identified potential areas which Gatsby could finance, either directly or by utilising blended finance tools to catalyse other sources of commercial and concessional capital. These included finance for processors to establish finishing and fattening facilities, as well as a range of export financing products for Kenyan goat and beef exporters. We also identified earlier stage opportunities (e.g. in commercial fodder) which require grants to test new models and approaches.

Funders and clients

Gatsby Africa

Kenya Markets Trust

Team members

Dr Christie Peacock, Muhamed Yussuf, Chloe Stull-Lane

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