Wellspring was engaged by BII to research and draft an accessible report for development finance institutions and other investors that articulated their forestry investment strategy and criteria within the context of the challenges & opportunities of the forestry sector in Africa.


Our team conducted a literature review of existing research on the historical context and evolution of the forestry sector in Africa, drawing from primary and secondary research in Africa and secondary research in East and Southeast Asia on the smallholder forestry side

We also conducted internal and external stakeholder consultations with relevant BII teams, BII investees, and forestry sector experts.

A public-facing paper was released, emphasising the importance of the sustainable forestry sector in Africa for job creation & economic growth, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity preservation.

The paper also analyses historical challenges of the forestry sector in Africa along with adaptations by BII and its investees to address key challenges and shares a vision for the future of sustainable forestry on the continent, including the achieved and intended future impacts of BII’s forestry investments.

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British International Investment (Formerly CDC Group)

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