DFID Tanzania’s agriculture programme

Tanzania has the potential to be the breadbasket of East Africa, with rapidly growing food crop exports and potential for rapid regional growth under the right policies. While most work is in agriculture, smallholder productivity is low because commodity prices are too meagre to make many improved technologies profitable. There is an opportunity, then, to speed up Tanzania’s transition to a more modern and efficient market economy.

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DFID Tanzania commissioned Wellspring to lead the design recommendations for a new market systems development programme in three value chains in Tanzania, managing a team of experts.

We suggested the key design features needed for the programme to support a sustainable increase in incomes for smallholder farmers in the poultry, potatoes, horticulture and tree crop value chains. We gathered information through analysing initial sector assessments and then widely consulting with industry, finance and development funder stakeholders. We assessed the benefits of a potential programme based on the responsiveness of the market system to programme inputs, the sector’s growth potential, political economy factors, number of people employed in the sector and value for money.

Funders and clients

Private: Department for International Development

Team members

Ashley Elliot, Ryan Whalen


Sofala Partners

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