Uganda – UK  Agri-tech Market Study


Wellspring was the Agri-Technology lead TA provider to UK government for the UK-Africa Investment Summit  in 2019 and follow on activities.  As part of this role we conducted a detailed study for DIT and DFID on the demand for Agri-Tech in Uganda, and the areas in which the UK is well-positioned to meet these demands.    There was a strong focus on climate-smart technologies and the work supported preparations for the COP 26 United Nations climate change conference planned for 2020 in Glasgow, UK.

The study provides an authoritative, in-depth, market analysis document providing intelligence on the current Agri-Tech market in Uganda, assessing both market demand for Agri-Tech that can have major developmental impact, and the areas where UK has existing or high-potential competitive advantage to supply technology, alongside global comparators. The work also functions as a model for further  Agri-Tech market studies strategy development.

Funders and clients

Private: Department for International Development

Team members

Tom Phillips, John Magnay, David Dent, Colin Watson, Hunter Nielson, Max Walter, Chris Baine

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